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Crispy chicken lollipop with schezwan chutney

Crispy chicken lollipop is just yum its very juicy tender crispy from outside and tender from inside.
Here is the recipe just try once, and you will love it.

  • Ingredients:---------
  • chicken:------------- 6 drumsticks. 
  • ginger garlic paste:------------ 1tbsp. 
  • lemon juice:--------1 
  • chilli powder:---------------- 2tbsp. 
  • termeric powder:-------------1/2tsp. 
  • cumin powder:---------------1tsp. 
  • garam masala:---------------1tsp. 
  • buttermilk:------------------2bowl. 
  • maida:--------------------- 1bowl. 
  • egg:----------------------- 2. 
  • oil to fry. 
  • salt to taste. 
  • Method:-
  • Wash the drumsticks, and give them the gentle cut. 
  • in a big glass bowl add buttermilk and the drumsticks. 
  • cover it for about 45 mins. 
  • at the time to fry, remove the drumsticks from buttermilk, and rub it in the above ingredients. 
  • except maida and egg. 
  • in a kadai add oil, as it became hot dip it in beaten eggs and rub it in maida (put some salt and chilli powder in maida) 
  • repeat the process again and shallow fry the drumsticks till it get golden colour. 
  • ready to eat.