Kashmiri Methi Dum Aloo

Here is kashmiri dum aloo , with some methi and roasted onion, its a creamy sauce of curd and some cashew paste. Try it with garam phulkas..


Small aloo:---------15-18 (cooked and peel the skin off)
tomato:------------3-4 medium(should be red) roughly cut.
onion:-------------2-3 medium. roughly cut
fried onion:----------2 medium.
cashew :-------------1/2 cup
curd:----------------1cup.( nice smooth paste)
ginger garlic :---------------1 1/2 tsp (freshly made)
methi:-------------------1/2 cup.
garam masala:-----------------1 1/2tsp.
whole cardamom:--------------4-5
red chilli powder:-------------2tsp.
cumin seeds:------------------1sp.
kasri methi:----------------1/2tsp.
methi for garnish.
oil :---------------7 tsp.
salt to taste.


In a bowl add 2tsp of curd and water mix it and add cashew and keep aside for 30mins.
Peel off cooked baby potatoes, and poked them with fork 2-3times.
In a microwave safe big bowl add roughly chopped onion, tomato, ginger, garlic, oil 2tsp, turmeric,garam masal 1/2 tsp, red chilli powder 2tsp, cumin seeds.
Mix all together, and cover it with lid.
Microwave it for 2mins remove, mix and again keep it for 3mins.(or till onion and tomato becomes soft)
Remove it from microwave and keep it aside (don't remove the lid) keep it till it gets cool.
After it gets cook remove it from microwave bowl and grind it till a fine paste(no need to add water)
Make a paste of cashew by adding a little amt of curd water.
In a big kadai add oil then add methi, as it gets soft remove methi and add baby aloo.
Stir it, till it gets crispy.
Remove the aloo and add cardamom and add paste of tomato and onion.
Stir it, till it release oil, add 1tbsp. of water( it will help the mixture to release the oil)
After2-3 mins make the flame slow add the fried aloo and methi add curd and cashew paste.
Stir it nicely and add water as it gets boil add garam masala, salt and fried onion's.
Garnish with methi leaves. Serve with garam phulkas.