Til Gud Ladoo

Til Ladoo is specially sweet for Makar Sankranti. this dessert is specially popular during winter months as sesame thought to have heating properties, but anyway i don't mind to eat this crunchy ladoo anytime.
2 cup:-------------- roasted sesame (use polish one)
1 cup:-------------- roasted peanuts(uncover it and chop into 2-3 pieces)
1/4 cup:------------ roasted dry coconut(sliced finely)
1cup:--------------- jaggery (chikki gud)
1tbsp:-------------- ghee
1tsp:--------------- home-made cardamom powder.
In a bowl add everything except jaggery, ghee and cardamom powder.
In a thick bottom pan add jaggery and ghee. put them on low flame.
As the jaggery starts dissolving, (you should not overheat the gud) after sometime you will see the bubbles in the mixture.
(you can check the perfect mix of jaggery by dipping a spoon in the pan and make the spoon slightly up if you see the thread that means the mixture is ready)
Urgently put it down from the flame and add the rest of ingredients.
Mix it very well, and grease the plate.
Put some ghee on your palm and make a round balls (you have to do the ladoo, when the mixture is hot/warm)
If you feel the mixture is cool, then again put the mixture on low flame till it gets warm
repeat the process.
You will get approx 25-27 ladoo's.