Layered Karanji (Gujia)


Maharashtrian Karanji also known as Gujia or Ghugra is a traditional sweet, commonly prepared by Maharashtrians during the festival of Diwali and Holi. So enjoy your sweet mouth melting Gujia / Karanji  in this Holi.
HAPPY HOLI everyone :)


  1. Dry coconut:---------------------- 2cup (grated or flakes or take dessicated coconut)
  2. Sugar:----------------------------- 1 1/2 cup (depend on your taste)
  3. Poppy seeds:-------------------- 2tbsp (roasted)
  4. Cardamom:----------------------- 6-7 (roasted)
  5. Pinch of nutmeg.
  6. Dry fruits:-------------------------- 3-4 tbsp (optional)
  7. All purpose flour (maida):---- 2 cup.
  8. Samolina (rawa):--------------- 1/2 cup.
  9. Cornflour:------------------------- 3 tbsp.
  10. Ghee:------------------------------ 1/2 cup (melted)
  11. Pinch of salt.
  12. Oil / Ghee to fry.


  1. In a big bowl add flour, salt and semolina and add 1tbsp of ghee, add water and make a rough dough.
  2. Cover it with wet cloth (cotton cloth), and keep aside for 3 hrs.
  3. Meanwhile in a bowl add cornflour and melted ghee and  (mix it with our hand) mix it for at least 5-7 mins
  5. Or till you get a smooth and creamy paste texture cover it and keep aside.
  6. In a kadai add desiccated coconut and keep on low flame, stir continuously so it wont burn
  7. After few mins coconut will change the colour stir it till it gets slightly brown in colour put coconut to cool.
  8. In a blender blend sugar, roasted poppy seeds and cardamom. and pour sugar mixture in coconut by adding dry fruits, nutmeg and  mix it nicely
  9. After 3 hrs, make 5 small balls of the dough and blend it in mixer, you will get a smooth dough.
  10. Knead them with 1/2 tsp ghee and cover them in damp cloth.
  11. Make a small ball and roll it with the help of rolling pin about 5-6inch, make a small roties and keep aside (4 at a time)
  12. Take one roti on board add cornflour paste



  15. Place the another on top of it, repeat and roll the 4 roties properly.
  16. Then cut them in  1inch distance, cover them in damp cloth
  17. Now, take one of the small dough piece and with the help of rolling pin, shape it into small circular poori, 3-4" in diameter.
  18. Divide the poori into half, pour in 1-2 tbsp of the coconut  on one side, and carefully fold the other half.
  19. Closing the poori-shaped dough completely, in order to shape these poories, press them on the cutting board
  20. and carefully remove the extra dough using a karanji spoon or cutter. 
  21. Once done, keep it aside to be fried.
  22. Repeat the same procedure for the remaining dough balls and cover the prepared karanji's with cloth
  23. Finally, deep fry all the prepared karanji's in to oil, turning them continuously till they turn golden brown.

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