Sol kadhi

Solkadhi is a type of drink. Popular in the Konkan region of Maharashtra, it is made from coconut milk and kokum fruit. It's known for it digestive properties. The preparation is prepared from liquid extracted from fresh coconut known as coconut milk.The best cool digestive drink that one can have after eating heavy non-veg food

Ingredents :------

. 1 Fresh Grated Coconut

. 10 to 12 Kokam immersed in half cup water(or 3tbsp kokum syrup)

. 1 tsp Curry Leaves

. 1/2 cup Coriander(finely chopped)

. Salt as per taste

. 2 cups Water

. 2 tsp green chilli(finely chopped)
How to do :---------

Take the fresh grated coconut and grind into a form paste. Add little water if required. Strain the coconut puree with linen cloth. Squeeze all the milk form the coconut. This is your thick coconut Milk.Now take the residue of coconut or left over coconut pulp. Again grind them with 1 cup water. Strain again for coconut milk in a linen cloth. This is your thin coconut milk.

Add the water where kokam was immersed. Squeeze kokam to remove its moisture and water. Combine them into the curry. This will give a nice mauve or baby pink color.

Combine everything with a spoon.

Your Sol Kadhi is ready

Just drink as a appetizer after heavy meals.

Coconut n mango chutney

Coconut and raw mango chutney i can eat with any thing... try this with garam garam palak pakoda or batata vada.


fresh coconut:------1.
raw mango:---------1( totapuri)
sugar:--------------- 2tsp.
chilli:---------------- 3-4
garlic:--------------- 4-5.peels
coriander:----------- 1tsp.(finely chopped)
salt to taste.


Just mix together in a mixer with 2tbsp. water and your done.
You can refrigerate it for 3-4 days.