Kesari Gulab Jamun




A yummy soft Gulab jamuns,  its a popular Indian dessert made with fresh khoya. Soft and fluffy fried balls soaking with aromatic kesari sugary syrup. Even portray that soft fluffiness of the jamuns oozing out that delicious sweet syrup....
It takes 2-3 hrs to make them, as you fry the jamuns and deep them in kesari syrup the aroma is fabulous...
My kids just love gulab jamuns, before and after putting them in syrup. i have made a small balls, so my little one can have one at a time and looking him eating and dropping the syrup will understand why any kind of efforts is so worth this dessert :) 

Ingredients :---------------------

  • Khoya :----------------------------- 250 gm.
  • Small Rawa (semolina):---------- 100 gm.
  • Milk:---------------------------------- 1/2 cup.
  • sugar:------------------------------- 3 cups.
  • water :------------------------------ 2 cups.
  • Kesar (saffron):------------------- 1/2 tsp (soaked in above 1/2 cup milk)
  • Cardamom powder:--------------- 1/2 tsp. (freshly made)
  • Oil/Ghee to fry.
  • Pinch of soda.
  • Dry fruit powder:-------------
  • Almond, Cashew nut, Pista,
  • Cardamom, mace, saffron:------- 1/2 cup.
  • Nutmeg powder :------------------ 1 pinch.
  • Kesar (Saffron):-------------------- 1 Pinch.


  • In a bowl mix milk ( remove the kesar) and rawa, knead it and make a smooth dough and cover it (cover it for 2 hrs)
  • After 2 hr just knead the rawa dough very softly by adding khoya and soaked kesar in it.
  • Knead it very nicely or you can mix it in a food processor but just for few sec.
  • Pour the mixture in a big plate add cardamom powder and a pinch of soda.
  • Mix all together for 2mins, cover it for another 2-3mins,
  • In a pan add sugar and water let it boil then add 1-2 tsp of dry fruits powder, kesar threads and some cardamom powder as it gets boil switch off the flame.
  • Meanwhile in a pan add oil/ghee on low flame for frying the balls.
  • Then make a small balls of the dough, it will became near about 25-27 balls (depend on the size you make).
  • Fry them till they became golden brown, put them on a tissue paper.
  • As the golden balls are done, put them in sugar syrup, then again put the sugar syrup pan on low flame till it boils (just for 3-4 mins).
  • After it started boiling remove it from flame and keep aside.
  • After 4-5 hrs your gulab Jmauns are ready to eat.
  • Serve them hot or cold it always taste yummy... you can also serve them with vanilla ice cream.


  • Sometimes you don't get a tight khoya, at that time add 1 tsp of flour in a dough.
  • Always fry them on a low flame.
  • You can add dry fruit powder in between the balls.
  • While frying the jamuns it should swim up after sometime, or else just add 1/2 pinch of soda and 1 tsp milk in a kneaded rawa and khoya dough, knead it again and make the balls.

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