Charcoly Grilled prawns.


20-25 pieces:--------- Large Prawns(with tail).
6-7 :----------- Peeled n grated Garlic.
1" :----------- Grated ginger.
1 :----------- lemon juice.
1 :----------- lemon zest.
3 tbsp :----------- Pasta n pizza sauce(tomato base)
3 tsp :----------- chilli powder(as per your taste)
2 pinch:----------- Turmeric.
1 tsp :----------- Ghee.
7-8 :----------- Curry leaves(finely chopped)
1 bowl :----------- Coriander (finely chopped)
2pinch :----------- Fish fry Masala(optional)
2 tsp :----------- Olive oil.
Salt to taste.
1 piece of Charcoal.
12-15 Wooden Skewers.(depend on the size of prawns)

how to make:---

1. Clean prawns(with tail).
2. Keep Ur charcoal on gas till it became red.
3. Till the charcoal get heated,in a large bowl, add prawns and granted garlic, ginger,lemon juice n zest, pasta sauce,chilli powder,turmeric, chopped Curry leaves n coriander,masala n olive oil, n salt, mix it well.
4. Put a small bowl in between the marinated prawns,in Small bowl keep the hot charcoal n put ghee, n cover it suddenly,so the smoke wont come out, remove it after 10mins.
5. Mix every thing,and lid it and keep in freeze for 4-5hrs.
6. Remove from freeze n keep aside for another 1hr.
7. Oil your skewers and plug the prawns in it.
8. Plug it like in u shape.
9. In a pan add oil n grill it for 10-15mins for both the side.
10. After the prawns are done just fry them on the flame for 1min.

Tip :--1. Soak your wooden skewers in water for 15mins before you use, so it wont burn.

2. Always remove the middle tread of prawns.
3. You can add sesame seed, for a nutty flavor.