Peppery chicken drumsticks

I know the photos are not really good, but believe me the recipe is very mouth watering.. just try it takes only 5-10mins.

chicken drumsticks:--------------------------------- 6.
lemon:--------------------------------------------------- 1.(in juice)
red chilli powder :---------------------------------- 1 tbsp.
olive oil:---------------------------------------------- 2tbsp.
butter:--------------------------------------- 2tbsp.
pepper powder :---------------------------1tbsp.(just crushed)
thyme leaves:---------------------------- 2tsp. (finely chopped)

salt to taste....

Wash drumsticks and give them a slight cut.
Marinate them with lemon, red chilli powder, olive oil, pepper, thyme leaves and salt.
Keep aside for 1hr.
In a non-stick pan add 1tbsp. butter when it starts melting
Add chicken, after 4-5 mins turn them keep it for another 3-4 mins when the chicken is cooked.
Off the flame. when you want to eat, just sprinkle some melted butter and keep directly on high flame.
Another for 1min and your done to eat the spicy tender chicken drumsticks:)

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