Gajar ka halwa

Whenever i see red long gajar's in the market, i just pick them up, there are so many thing we can make of gajar's but the first think alwage comes in my mind is my mom's favourite Gajar ka Halwa, i purposely done this halwa when my mom and dad has came.

Things you need:-----

1. desi carrot:- 1kg thickly grated (long and red)

2. milk:-------- 1liter

3. khova:------- 250gm

4. ghee:-------- 3tbsp

5. dry fruits:-- 1cup

6. sugar:------- 2cup

7. a pinch of red food colour.
How to do:-----------

1. add grated carrot and 1 1/2 cup milk in a big kadai.

2. stir it well, and keep it on medium flame, as it starts boil.

3. low the flame. now let the carrots cook.

4. give a stir in between, it will take 45-50mins to cook.

5. in between if the corrots gets dry add the remaining milk(if required).

6. when the carrots are dry and done add sugar and give a a stir continuously.

7. in another kadai sauté khova by adding 1tsp ghee.

8. add khova and dryfruits.

9. last add the ghee and stir it for another 5mins.

10. serve hot.

1. making carrots cook in milk, gives a perfect colour.

2. avoid taking the middle white line of carrots.

3. adding ghee at last gives the halwa a perfect glossiness.

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